Introduction | Annette Lynch

Annette Lynch


Perspectives on the Nature of Fashion

I.  Fashion--What is it?

II.  Definitions

    A.  Design: Marc Jacobs, Spring 2013

    B.  Style:


    C.  Clothing:

    D.  Apparel:

    E.  Dress:

    F.  Silhouette

    G. Design details:

    H.  Fabrication:

    I.  Fad:

    J. Fashion Trend:

    K. Couture:

    L. High Fashion:

    M. Mass Fashion

    N. Classic Fashion:

III.  The Fashion Process

    A. Creation

    B. Fashion Leadership

    C. Increasing Social Visibility

    D. Conformity

    E. Saturation

    F. Decline and Obsolescence

IV.  Fashion and the Individual

    A.  Fashion Adoption Process

        - Awareness

        - Interest

        - Evaluation

        - Trial

        - Adoption

V.  The Fundamental Principles of Fashion

A.  New fashions emerge from lots of different sources, they are not simply created by fashion designers.

B.  New fashions evolve from past fashions, with often a gradual progression of changes, with more rarely radical reactions to past fashions.

C.  Fashions are influenced by external forces, our culture, society, lifestyle, history, economy and marketing system, and therefore serve as a reflection of their time and place.

D.  Many different trends exist simultaneously,  in different groups of the consumer population.

E.  Individuality and conformity are opposing forces that join together to influence fashion creation and adoption.

F.  Fashion have life cycles.

G.  Fashion trends have point of termination.