Introduction | Annette Lynch

Annette Lynch



The purpose of this handbook is to define the policies and procedures for completion of TEXDSGN 4195 Summer Internship in Textile and Apparel.  The 4 credit hour course is a culminating experience for students completing a major in Textile and Apparel (TAPP) in the School of Applied Human Sciences at the University of Northern Iowa. This baccalaureate degree program is designed to prepare graduates for a variety of positions in the textile and apparel industry.  The philosophy of the program is grounded in a strong liberal arts foundation along with textile and apparel and business courses. 

A successful internship experience requires a cooperative, collaborative relationship between the student, the UNI faculty supervisor, and the site supervisor.  It should provide a student with the opportunity to apply knowledge and skills and to further their professional development.  Because the program of study allows the student to choose a number of possible career paths, it is the student’s responsibility to seek a placement which will maximize their knowledge, skills, interests, and future goals. 



Since the Summer Internship builds on all previous coursework in a student’s program, enrollment in this course optimally follows completion of all or most courses at the end of the junior or senior year.   Exceptions will be made on a case by case basis to complete the Summer Internship between the junior and senior years.  In this instance, a compelling argument must be made by the student well in advance with a placement site already selected.  In all cases this course requires permission of a faculty supervisor to undertake a particular internship and is ONLY offered during summer semester.

Specific requirements for the Textile and Apparel major can be found in the current UNI catalog and in a TAPP Program brochure.