Roles and Responsibilities | Annette Lynch

Annette Lynch

Roles and Responsibilities


A successful pre-professional experience is possible only through the cooperation of the student, the business / site supervisor, and the university’s faculty coordinator. Expectations of the various persons are described as follows:

Responsibilities of the Student

  1. Assume primary responsibility for locating and securing the internship. Contact and interview with the business. Get a business card (or two) from the potential supervisor and any company literature available.

  2. With approval from the faculty supervisor, complete the Placement Agreement Form and secure the appropriate signatures.

  3. Attend a required meeting for all outgoing summer interns. The meeting this year is Monday, April 28, 2014 at 3 PM in Latham 232.

  4. Assume responsibility for the success of the internship.

  5. Conduct yourself as a professional at all times. Demonstrate ethical conduct, including confidentiality. Your appearance and demeanor should convey a professional image. You should demonstrate initiative and trustworthiness, exceeding minimum expectations.

  6. Report to work as required and be prepared to assume assigned responsibilities. Inform the site supervisor if an absence is required.

  7. Become familiar with the business policies and procedures of your internship company and adhere to them.

  8. During the first week of the internship, work with the site supervisor in developing the Learning Plan and send the completed plan to the faculty coordinator. This plan deals with goals, responsibilities, and projects/activities to be accomplished during the internship. Be committed to this plan by carrying things out with enthusiasm. Seek timely feedback from the site supervisor.

  9. Coordinate a conference / meeting between all parties involved (including the faculty coordinator, site supervisor, and student) if the faculty coordinator is able to do a site visit.

  10. Immediately inform the faculty coordinator of any problems that develop on site so that they can be resolved as soon as possible.

  11. Complete all assignments and requirements on time. All assignments and requirements must be completed by the student and received by the faculty coordinator in order to receive a passing grade for the course.

  12. Assume responsibility for making sure that your site supervisor completes and mails the evaluation form to the faculty coordinator. Final grades cannot be given until all assignments/requirements have been received/fulfilled.

Responsibilities of the Site Supervisor

  1. After an interview with a student in which there is mutual agreement for a pre-professional placement, complete the Placement Agreement Form with the student. Give the student a business card (or two) and company literature.

  2. Provide the student with an understanding of your particular business purpose, function, and structure. Orient the student to policies and procedures. Introduce the student to other employees.

  3. Assist the student in developing their Learning Plan during the first week of the internship and approve the plan before it is sent to the faculty coordinator.

  4. Provide ongoing supervision, guidance, and feedback need for a successful internship.

  5. Ensure that the intern’s tasks provide learning and challenging professional experiences. Provide encouragement and opportunities for reflection on the experience. Make sure that the student has exposure to all facets of the organization. As the student shows growth in learning, assignments should reflect recognition of this growth.

  6. Talk with the faculty coordinator during the internship to discuss the student’s progress and performance. When possible, the faculty coordinator will visit the site for a conference with both the site supervisor and student.

  7. Complete the final evaluation of the student’s performance near the end of the internship. Send the evaluation forms directly to the faculty coordinator. The student’s final grade cannot be given until the evaluation form is received.

  8. Contact the faculty coordinator if any problems occur with the student’s performance during the internship.

Responsibilities of the Faculty Coordinator

  1. Assist the student in selecting and contacting a placement site, giving final approval and communicating with the site supervisor. Sign the completed Placement Agreement Form and send copies to all parties.

  2. Approve copies of the Learning Plan and monitor student progress through personal contact and journal reports. Maintain regular contact with both the student and site supervisor.

  3. Answer questions regarding the department’s policies and practices in relation to assignments and requirements during the internship.

  4. Work with the student and site supervisor to resolve any problems that occur during the internship.

  5. Assign a grade for the pre-professional experience. Grades are based on both performance and written assignments from the summer internship and also portfolio presentations and review.

  6. Solicit suggestions from the site supervisor and the student to improve future internship experiences as well as the Textile and Apparel program which prepares students for these experiences.

Grievance and Appeal Procedures

Equitable due process in academic matters is provided in the university’s grievance procedures for undergraduate students. These procedures are published annually in the Northern Iowan in the Students’ Rights and Responsibilities Statement.