Posted on Thursday, October 18th, 2012

Each year graduating seniors are asked to complete a brief questionnaire about their educational experience at UNI.  One item asks them to list any faculty or staff that had a positive influence on their development as a student at UNI.  Listed below are the names of Math Department employees who were acknowledged by graduates this past year.  Thank you for creating a rewarding learning environment for our students.

Myrna Bertheau                       Elizabeth Hughes                     Shangzhen Luo                    Suzanne Riehl
Deb Blanchard                         Mark Jacobson                         Catherine Miller                   Douglas Shaw
Heidi Burnett                           Syed Kirmani                            Glenn Nelson                        Marius Somodi
Mark Ecker                              Larry Leutzinger                       Jihwa Noh                            Adrienne Stanley
Theron (TJ) Hitchman              Bin Liu                                      Michael Prophet                   Brian Townsend
                                                                                                  Ed Rathmell                         Matt Webb