Undergraduate Studies in Mathematics


Mathematics is one of the oldest and most basic fields of study. Mathematicians create new theories and techniques and apply these to the solution of problems that arise in a wide variety of disciplines, including business, science and engineering.

The UNI Math Department offers three different Bachelor of Arts degrees in Mathematics: Mathematics (General Use), Statistics/Actuarial Science, and Teaching.

There are also four different Mathematics Minors available to UNI students, each with a different emphasis: GeneralTeachingTeaching K-8, and Statistics/Actuarial Science.

Mathematics Major - Liberal Arts 

The Mathematics Major provides excellent preparation for graduate school in mathematics and other related areas such as physics, engineering, statistics, and economics. It may also be an appropriate major for students who are interested in careers in industry concentration on analytical and problem solving skills. the goal of the major program is to introduce some of the central ideas in various areas of mathematics and to develop problem-solving ability by helping students combine creative thinking with rigorous reasoning.

Please look at the UNI Math Department Course Rotations when scheduling your classes.  


Common Core - 15 hours 

MATH 1420 - Calculus (has prerequisite of MATH 1140, or MATH 1110 and MATH 1130, or ALEKS score of 76%)
MATH 1421 - Calculus II
MATH 2422 - Calculus III


Mathematics Core - 16 hours 

MATH 4500 - Modern Algebra I
MATH 4501 - Modern Algebra II


Probability/Statistics (3 or 6 hours):

Select one of the following: (MATH/STAT 3751 will not satisfy this requirement if credit has been earned for STAT 1772.)
MATH/STAT 3751 - Probability and Statistics
STAT 1772 - Introduction to Statistical Methods and
MATH 3752 - Introduction to Probability
STAT 1772 - Introduction to Statistical Methods and
STAT 3771 - Applied Statistical Methods for Research


Select two of the following.  MATH/STAT 3752/5752 cannot be used if used for the Probability/Statistics requirement.  Other junior/senior level mathematics courses not listed below may be substituted with approval of advisor and Department Head.
MATH 3600     Euclidean Geometry
MATH 3610     Modern Geometries
MATH 3630     Differential Geometry
MATH 3780     Mathematics of Finance
MATH 3752     Introduction to Probability
MATH 4641     Topology I
MATH 3410     Dynamical Systems: Chaos Theory and Fractals
MATH 3425     Differential Equations
MATH 3440     Numerical Analysis
MATH 3530     Combinatorics
MATH 4460     Introduction to Complex Analysis
MATH 3640     History of Mathematics: To the Calculus
MATH 4510     Elementary Number Theory
Total:  40-43 hours

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Mathematics Major - Statistics/Actuarial Science 
Please look at the UNI Math Department Course Rotations when scheduling your classes. 

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Mathematics Major - Teaching (Math Education) 

The undergraduate Mathematics Teaching Major has the intent of preparing secondary mathematics teachers. Our program is aligned with state licensure requirements, the CBMS recommendations. Graduates of this program are robustly prepared to begin their teaching careers in secondary schools.

Please look at the UNI Math Department Course Rotations when scheduling your classes. 

NOTE: For departmental approval to student teach, a student on the program must satisfy the university requirements to student teach and the following specific departmental requirements:

      1.   Must earn a C- or better in MATH 1420; MATH 1421; MATH 2303; MATH 2500; MATH 2900; MATH 3302; MATH 3304; MATH 3600; MATH 4500; MATH 3751 or MATH 3752 or STAT 3771.

      2.   Must complete all of the courses in the major with a major grade point average of 2.5 or higher.

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