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Welcome to the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

Facilitator: Carissa Froyum, Sociology

Learning is an emotional experience for students. When faculty challenge students' old ways of thinking, students often experience discomfort. Discomfort can be not only unpleasant from the students' perspective but create resistance or even hostility in the classroom. Emotions especially run high in classrooms which address social inequalities and other controversial issues. This presentation and discussion draws on the sociological research on emotions, inequality, and power to understand how faculty can manage emotions in the classroom in ways that both encourage learning and challenge students. We will cover: how emotion management is related to power, how faculty create expectations for emotions in the classroom (whether they know it or not), and some practical ways for managing emotions in the classes.

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2016

12:00 PM, Library 287

Feeling tired and burned out?  Need some inspiration?  Start thinking now about attending the Wakonse Teaching Conference over Memorial Day Weekend 2017. You’ll join faculty from around the country in a relaxing, not-too-rustic setting to relax, rejuvenate, and talk about teaching.  To read about last year’s conference, go to 

What you do: Pay $100 of the registration fee, and your meals to and from the conference.         

What the CETL does: Pay $600 of your registration fee, and offer you a ride in a UNI van to and from the conference.                                                                                                                         

Registration for Wakonse will open in February 2017!  Questions?  Contact

The November CETL events calendar is now available!

Click here for the calendar.

SPRING READING GROUP 2017: We supply the book, you supply yourself!

Small Teaching: Everyday Lessons From the Science of Learning by James Lang 

Facilitated by Susan Hill and the members of the reading group. Mondays, 3:00-4:00 on January 30, Feb 13 & 27, March 13 & 27, and April 10, in Library 387. Register here! 

If you have another book on pedagogy you’d like to read, suggest it for a spring 2017 reading group!



The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning seeks to engage, explore, and enhance the practice of teaching and the culture of learning at UNI.