The creation of the Capstone program as a key component of the Liberal Arts Core was intended to aid in preparing UNI students for the complex world of ideas that should engage them during their lives as educated citizens. Capstone courses deal with complex issues that are addressed from multidisciplinary perspectives, and some specifically deal with topics related to beliefs, behaviors and critical thinking approaches related to civic engagement. Juniors and seniors preparing for life after college benefit from the course, which integrates and applies teachings from a multidisciplinary approach and helps expand viewpoints beyond one particular lens. In addition to traditional Capstone courses held on the UNI campus, students also can complete the requirement through an overseas Capstone experience.

Capstone integrates diverse studies and emphasizes service-based learning and community involvement outside of UNI. The program was designed specifically to:

  • Challenge soon-to-be graduates and promote development of analytical thinking skills.
  • Capitalize on the strength of engaging students with different majors.
  • Link theory to practice through problem-solving activities.
  • Promote the development of skills associated with self-directed, life-long learning.