An American Panther in London: The series

Leah Reuber, a University of Northern Iowa graduate student majoring in post-secondary education: student affairs, has been bitten by the travel bug. As an undergraduate student, she spent numerous semesters in England studying the written word of poets and focusing on the various arts in London.

After coming to UNI, the desire to be overseas again led Reuber to become a program assistant for short-term study abroad trips through UNI's Study Abroad Center. Her experience at UNI as an assistant residence life coordinator makes her the perfect fit. She will be joining the Capstone in England and Ireland group from May 16 to 30.

The Study Abroad Center has scheduled more than 15 Capstone courses for this summer. Program assistants for these trips hold responsibilities that include getting students to their destinations successfully and safely, answering questions and making sure students are enjoying their study abroad experience to its fullest.

In addition to her program assistant duties, Reuber has been asked to write about her experiences overseas in a blog. We want to know everything from what the students learn during their Capstone course to what sites the group will see.

We invite you to join Reuber on her journey by checking out her blog, An American Panther in London.


English countryside
The English countryside on one of Reuber's previous study abroad trips to England.