Breaking out of her shell

Junior supply chain management major Trisha Coberly continues to break out of her shell with her experiences at UNI.

Trisha Coberly

Trisha believes that, “no one makes it in life without the help of others, so it only makes sense to want to return the favor.”

Trisha grew up in Solon, Iowa and knew UNI would eventually be the right fit for her. “I liked the location and size of UNI as it is close to home and big enough to provide a lot of opportunities, but small enough that I can still get to know my classmates and teachers on a more personal level,” she explained.

Though others might be intimidated by her choice of major, Trisha sees the diverse opportunities supply chain management will provide her in her career path. “I think it’s fascinating to see all the steps a product goes through from start to finish and all the planning and challenges that go along with it.”

Trisha also participates in the student organization Women in Business to enhance her skills and knowledge outside of the classroom. This year, she holds the position of vice president of community involvement.

“Women in Business has helped break me out of my shell a little bit. I am a pretty shy and reserved person so taking on a leadership position this year has been a great experience for me in that aspect,” she added.

Trisha values community engagement and believes that students should find time to give back to the community. She believes that, “no one makes it in life without the help of others, so it only makes sense to want to return the favor.”

As vice president of community involvement, Trisha plans at least two volunteer events each semester. This semester, Trisha organized a volunteer event with Salvation Army’s after school program and is working on future events with a local care center and humane society.

Trisha explained that she is most proud of the fact that WiB prepares members for the professional world outside of the classroom in a fun, engaging environment.

With her continuous involvement on campus, Trisha has learned the importance of time management especially because UNI always has a fun activity happening.   

“Make sure to balance school work while having fun. I think it’s important to not let either one consume too much of the other’s time,” she said as a piece of advice.

After graduation, Trisha plans to stay in Iowa and pursue her career in supply chain management, figuring out her direct path as she continues to take classes.