Celebrating our graduating Panthers

Our graduating seniors found a place where they belonged at the University of Northern Iowa. Their tireless academic preparation, strong relationships with faculty and other students, and wide variety of out-of-class experiences have helped create a strong foundation for their future. These are but a few of our promising spring graduates:

Jessica Berkshire

Jessica Berkshire
Hometown: Roselle, Illinois
Major(s): Accounting
Post-Graduation Plans: Working as a tax associate at PricewaterhouseCoopers, PwC, in Chicago, Illinois.

“UNI was the last school I applied to, and I ended up visiting during a snowstorm in February. Despite the weather conditions, I was overwhelmed by the people I met that day that truly embodied the phrase “Iowa nice”. Not only did I love the academic programs and campus, the culture of the university was something I wanted to be immersed in. UNI felt like a second home.”

“I’ve loved my time at UNI because I’ve been able to make my own unique panther experience. Starting freshman year, I became involved with a variety of different student organizations, where I was able to meet lifelong friends. I also had the ability to hold leadership positions in a few of the organizations both my sophomore and junior year, which allowed me to become connected with some of the amazing faculty and staff members UNI employs. These individuals serve as mentors to me and will continue to help guide my plans after graduation.”

“The experiences I’ve had at UNI have defined the person I am today.”

Omar Martinez

Omar Martinez
Hometown: Clutier, Iowa
Major(s): Movement and Exercise Science
Post-Graduation Plans: Pursuing a master’s degree in exercise science and sports performance at UNI.

“The amount of personal growth I experienced, along with creating the greatest relationships of my life, [is what I enjoyed most about UNI].”

“UNI [has] prepared me [for post-graduation] by having professors that pushed me in the best direction for my future career.”

“UNI was big enough to show me a glimpse of the diversity in this world, and small enough to allow me to build close relationships with my peers and professors.”

Madison Flesch

Madison Flesch
Hometown: Waukee, Iowa
Major(s): Chemistry
Post-Graduation Plans: Pursuing a Ph.D. in chemistry at the University of California Irvine, with the hope of conducting research in their atmospheric chemistry division.

“My mom attended UNI for her undergraduate [degree], and I was looking at UNI and ISU for chemistry, but I liked the size of campus and the size of the chemistry department much better than the one at Iowa State. I felt like I could get to know people in my department pretty well without feeling like I had to know everyone on campus, which was nice.”

“What I enjoyed most about attending UNI was the professional and personal connections I was able to build with my peers and professors. Having the ability to get to know all of my professors and having them know me is great because I have networking connections for the future.”

“UNI [has] prepared me for graduate school by providing me the opportunity to perform undergraduate research for three years, attend national and local conferences, along with giving me the skills to be a leader and be confident in my abilities as a student and researcher.”

Jordan Caruso

Jordan Caruso
Hometown: Cedar Falls, Iowa
Major(s): Textiles and Apparel
Post-Graduation Plans: Working as a raw materials coordinator for Jockey International in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

“I really like how I have had the ability to be involved and volunteer for so many different things on campus because it is great experience that doesn’t involve being in a classroom.”

“My major allowed me to take classes involving different areas in the clothing field that gave me knowledge that many other schools do not include in their curriculum.”

“I think other people should choose UNI because there are so many opportunities that it allows you to have, [more] than a much larger university would. The smaller class sizes allow for professors to get to know you more personally and help you make connections.”

Kip Woods

Kip Woods
Hometown: Cedar Falls, Iowa
Major(s): M.S. Technology
Post-Graduation Plans: Assisting with computer simulations of the solidification of casting for H.A. International, a commercial supplier of various consumables utilized by the foundry industry and based out of Schaumburg, Illinois.

“[I enjoyed] the hands-on experience and interaction with commercial companies while performing research at UNI Metal Casting Center.”

“The small class sizes allow more interaction with the professor and fellow classmates.”