Celebrating our graduating Panthers

Our graduating seniors found a place to call home when they came to the University of Northern Iowa. Their tireless academic preparation, strong relationships with faculty and other students, and wide variety of out-of-class experiences have helped create a strong foundation for their future. These are but a few of our promising fall graduates:

Mitchell Dellamuth

Mitchell Dellamuth
Hometown: Walford, Iowa
Major(s): Finance and Real Estate
Post-Graduation Plans: Working at Cedar Rapids Bank & Trust as a portfolio manager.

“UNI offers many activities like sporting events and intramurals and these are great ways to stay involved with the college. I would have to say that times spent with friends supporting athletic teams has been one of my most memorable experiences at UNI.”

“My education has taught me the foundations of the finance industry and this will make for a much easier transition to the real world. Outside of my studies, UNI has provided me with multiple opportunities for career development. Through mock interviews, resume critiques and job fairs, my professional readiness was greatly enhanced.”

“[UNI] professors care about students’ education and are always willing to help out. There is a variety of different organizations and clubs that you can join related to your major or for fun, whatever your preference. The education and experience received [will] prepare you to be successful in whatever path you choose to go down.”

Alanna Verner

Alanna Verner
Hometown: Des Moines, Iowa
Major(s): Real Estate and Finance
Post-Graduation Plans: Working as a mortgage analyst at American Equity Investment Life Insurance Company in Des Moines.

“By far, my favorite part about UNI were the people. Whether it was the professors, staff or students, everyone was helpful, kind and willing to lend a hand whenever possible. UNI has felt like a family since my first day on campus.”

“Rho Epsilon, the real estate club on campus, provided me with the opportunity to travel to Des Moines for a CREW (Commercial Real Estate Women) event in October 2016, where I was able to connect with a vice president of commercial mortgage at American Equity. This connection ultimately led to my internship and now full-time job.”

“As someone who came to college knowing little to none about what I wanted to do, the faculty and staff on campus were very helpful in leading me in the right direction. UNI is small enough to feel like home but big enough to where opportunities are endless.”

Jacob Teumer

Jacob Teumer
Hometown: Manchester, Iowa
Major(s): Health Promotion and Education, with a Global Health emphasis and an Environmental Health certificate
Post-Graduation Plans: Interning under Tod Linden, CEO of Grinnell Regional Medical Center, with the hope of attending graduate school in the fall.

“I enjoyed the exchange of conversation within the classrooms as well as the facilities. Because the classes weren’t too big I never felt that I couldn’t raise my hand and question or support a discussion. I could tell the professors wanted to be there which made more students engage.”

“‘UNI [is] the right fit’ couldn’t be a more appropriate slogan for this university. UNI is large enough to provide the resources, environment, opportunities, and social aspects of a large university but on a much more personal level.”

“Between my average class sizes and my advisors, I acquired close personal relationships that allowed me to be fully prepared and more importantly discover my own passion along the way. These personal relationships not only made my college experience great and comfortable but will provide me with professional references I will be able to use for years to come.”

Andrew Jessip

Andrew Jessip
Hometown: Sioux City, Iowa
Major(s): Global Studies: International Communications and Media
Post-Graduation Plans: Pursuing a graduate degree in higher education.

“When I visited campus, it felt like I was already a student here. Campus was navigable but also big enough that I could envision all of the opportunities that would become available to me.”

“There are so many opportunities for involvement and on-campus work; there is no reason why any UNI student should ever be bored! There are also so many faculty and staff that made an effort to get to know me as a student and engage me in my development as a student.”

“If you want to explore and develop your interests while discovering and growing new ones, UNI is the place for you!”

Megan Kennedy

Megan Kennedy
Hometown: Ogden, Iowa
Major(s): Psychology and Family Services, with Gerontology, Mental Health and Sexuality and Women and Gender’s Studies minors
Post-Graduation Plans: Working full-time with adults with intellectual disabilities at Exceptional Persons, Inc. in Waterloo, and will continue to volunteer at the Riverview Center and Cedar Valley Hospice.

“I visited UNI my junior year of high school, because I liked the distance and small size from my hometown. I instantly fell in love with this campus, and I never visited another school. I really felt I could be welcome and safe at UNI.”

“[UNI] faculty believed in my abilities, and pushed me to seek out research and practical opportunities. I was able to serve as a teaching assistant, conduct research independently, intern at several local agencies, lead as president for student organizations, and present novel research with faculty at several out of state conferences.”

“Students should choose UNI for their education because UNI is committed to each of its students, and provides a welcome family-like environment for everyone.”

Alba Aguillon

Alba Aguillon
Hometown: Bucaramanga, Colombia
Major(s): Business Administration
Post-Graduation Plans: Pursuing a career in the healthcare field or for a nonprofit organization where she can combine her medical background with her newly acquired management skills to help the community.

“I enjoyed returning to the learning environment of a university and the opportunity to meet and work with new people from here and around the world.”

“UNI is a great university located in a nice community, with good professors and a great staff. The campus has a homey feel, with a good library, a diverse group of students to learn with and from, and different cultural events and activities offered.”