Coming fall 2013: Living and dining at its best

UNI residence halls deliver a very high level of service including all utilities and dining, and that service is about to get even better! Apartments provide upperclass students with the option of greater independence while maintaining the social and academic advantages of living close to campus activities and classes.

Piazza Dining Hall
UNI students eating at the Piazza dining center.

UNI is doubling the number of academic and non-academic Living Learning Communities on campus in fall 2013. Students will benefit from programming that is specific to their academic major, area of interest or age.

Non-academic learning communities include "springboard" communities for freshmen who recently graduated from high school. Springboard communities are in seven residence halls, where students share the experience of transitioning to college, and work together to form good academic and social habits.

The wellness learning community will give extra attention to the personal health and wellbeing of the students.

Upperclass communities in residence halls, suites and apartments are for sophomores, juniors and seniors, and are very popular with transfer students.

Students in academic learning communities have the obvious advantage of living close to people who attend the same classes and may form study groups in the residence halls. Students in these communities will share at least one class in their major. The communities include: business, elementary and early childhood education, music and honors students.

Dining Galore!

UNI dining centers are the center of community life on campus. Dining options include restaurants, convenience stores and dining centers – all available on the student meal plan. The new fall 2013 meal plan has been simplified significantly and students are buzzing with excitement about the new unlimited access. The new plans give students more value and flexibility with dining centers mornings, afternoons and evenings. Students on the unlimited plans can enter the dining centers as many times each day as they want to satisfy demand for snacks, meals, study time and socializing. Unlimited access minimizes overeating at set meal periods because students can return for a healthy snack when they get hungry.

UNI students will have more choices than ever before for their on-campus lifestyle. Learn more today. For more information about dining and residence hall options, visit