Dine-in: Fall 2013

Students at UNI are buzzing about the changes coming to the dining centers this fall. A sneak peek was unveiled in January; and here are a few new "goodies" to share.

Dining Updates
A UNI student shows off his meal at one of the dining centers.

In the fall, students will have more options that support healthy lifestyles and more access to the dining centers. Students on the unlimited meal plans may now enter the dining centers as many times each day as they want to satisfy demand for snacks, meals, study time and socializing. Unlimited access minimizes overeating because students can return for a healthy snack when they get hungry.

Another big change is the implementation of Easy Access, a touchpad access system in Rialto Dining Center this spring. Instead of scanning a student ID, a unique identifier is generated from a student's finger image.

This service upgrade will be an option in Rialto and Piazza Dining Center in the fall. Students will find it more convenient and secure than an ID.

Special diet? No problem!

The number of UNI students with a food allergy or intolerance has more than doubled in the past three years, from 22 students in 2010 to 54 students in the spring 2013 semester.

"It can be very tough for students with a food allergy or intolerance who are away from home and not in the habit of cooking," said Lisa Krausman, administrative dietician and purchasing manager at UNI.

The Department of Residence recently finished in the top 10 out of 250+ colleges and universities for residential satisfaction in dining - including the quality of food, environment and dining options.

The number of students who want to follow vegetarian or vegan diets also is increasing. Vegan and vegetarian menu items may be "specials" or entrees that rotate every day. There are always vegan and vegetarian options such as pasta, tacos, veggies and hummus, grilled cheese and black bean burgers and more.

Students looking for vegan items, vegetarian foods, or any foods containing one of the top allergens, can visit UNI's online menu page to determine foods that "contain" or "don't contain" these food items. There are also a number of vegetarian options within each dining center. The menus depict an "M" for meatless or "V" for vegan in addition to nutritional guidelines.

Students can schedule an appointment with Krausman to discuss options. They also can list their dietary restrictions and their special needs on their room and board applications. The staff works with students to create special menus.

Krausman speaks with students during summer orientation to develop a plan that allows them to safely eat on campus. She said students can request foods to be made separately in areas such as the grilled food areas.

UNI students will have more choices than ever before for their on-campus lifestyles. Learn more today. For more information about dining and residence hall options, visit www.uni.edu/dor.

**Dining Facts**
  • Hamburgers, french fries, pizza and ranch dressing continue to hold their position as favorites.
  • Other popular dining items such as beef ole, chicken enchilada soup, grilled chicken breast, wings and ribs remain popular.
  • Hot turkey sandwich or roast beef with mashed potatoes are popular.
  • Students also frequently request the made-to-order items such as stir fry, omelets, crepes and entrée salads.