Entertainment Tonight interns

Many college students dream about landing that once-in-a-lifetime summer internship.  For UNI senior Eva Andersen, that dream became a reality this summer.Entertainment Tonight interns with UNI ties

For two months, Andersen, along with recent UNI graduate Aaron Chrenen and senior Brittany Johanningmeier, will intern in Los Angeles under UNI alumnus and host of Entertainment Tonight Mark Steines. 

Candidates for the Entertainment Tonight internship program at UNI were carefully selected, and the three interns were required to submit their resumes, an essay critiquing the media and a three-to-five minute video reel of their best video compilations.

Now thrown into the hustle and bustle of the Hollywood entertainment industry, Steines' internship program is equipping the students with the tools and skills they need to be successful in the entertainment world. 

Whether it's sitting in the edit bay learning how to make natural cuts and edits and how to package the news stories or hanging out in the voiceover booth with Steines and getting a shot at reading the tracks, Andersen said they are learning from the pros. 

"We get assignments, shadow experts and learn, learn and learn about whatever our specific interests are," she said.

One of the interns' first challenges was to produce their own videos. 

The interns spent their first weekend traveling to their assigned events to oversee and direct a video shoot.  Chrenen's event was a motocross race and Johanningmeier's was an African mission trip fundraiser.  Andersen covered a women's roller derby game. 

"They were great to work with and had a nice sense of humor, which was good because I was very goofy," she said.  "I have never filmed sports before, so the fast-moving shots were fun to capture."

Andersen is also putting her writing skills to the test and was able to write introductions for a few show segments.

"It was a really cool feeling knowing that the words I wrote were to be read by talent, matched with graphics and viewed and heard by millions of people," she said.

And interning with Entertainment Tonight has other perks as well. 

"Because Entertainment Tonight has maintained friendly relationships with many stars and publicists, they mostly have first dibs on red carpet premieres," she added.  "This means that stars come to them first with the news." 

It's also common for premiere events to pop up at random.  During their first week, Andersen, Chrenen and Johanningmeier attended the L.A. Film Festival and "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" movie premiere. 

This summer, Andersen is living her dream. 

"I am learning so much, and each person at Entertainment Tonight has a wealth of information to share," she said.  "It's overwhelming and fast-paced, but I wouldn't trade it for the world.  I am so excited that we get thrown right into this.  It's how the real entertainment world is." 

Keep up with Andersen's life as a Hollywood intern at www.filminginstilettos.blogspot.com