Finding your career path at the UNI Career Fair

More than 1,500 students descended upon the McLeod Center, dressed to impress in their business suits, for the University of Northern Iowa's Career Fair. Students were greeted by more than 150 employers that were recruiting and making interview decisions.

The UNI Career Fair is one of the first steps to finding an internship or job after college. Not only do students get to network and hopefully make an impression on a future employer, they get important one-on-one time with organizations that are actively seeking people for internships or fulltime jobs.

"A career fair helps students by allowing them to see the different career paths that companies offer--the real world isn't always organized by major!" said Kristin Cahill, an employee relations coordinator for UNI Career Services. "Students can make great impressions with an employer in person, more so than by just sending an email. For students who are even freshmen, it's beneficial for them to begin networking."

To prepare students for this big day, UNI Career Services posts information on their website about how to dress for the career fair, how to secure and what to do during an interview, resume mistakes and strategies and more.

"Students can prepare [for the career fair] by learning about the companies that are attending," said Cahill. "They can also prepare a short introduction which could include what the student is looking for, job openings they know the company has, and interest in internships."

According to Robert Frederick, director of UNI Career Services, "many UNI students have indicated they found their first internship or their first career opportunity right here at this job fair."

"Students have gotten internships and fulltime jobs out of this event every single year we've hosted it, and this goes back for decades," said Frederick.

So, whether it's your first visit to the UNI Career Fair, or you've been to many, the opportunities available are proven to help students with their future career paths.

"We do know that the career fair is a great first step in landing a job with a potential employer," said Cahill. "The face-to-face connection is more powerful than an online application!"