Graduates move on to their next stage of life

Rhonda Greenway is just one of our 1,800 alumni graduating this spring and looking forward to their next adventure. 


We asked our Facebook followers, "what advice do you have for this year's graduates?" Here's a sampling of some of the great answers we received. 

Laura Thorpe Meyers 
Strive to be happy and make others happy, not to be rich.
May 2 at 11:24am

Ami Rosen 
Don't let this be the end of acheiving your hopes and dreams, but the beginning. Congratulations!
May 2 at 11:26am 

Mark Smith Start making alot of money to pay back all your student loans. Oh and enjoy your life it is to short and goes by so fast. May 2 at 11:31am 

Ashley Schulte 
Take a vacation before you start your first full time job
May 2 at 11:33am 

Deena Jeffries 
Regardless of what some people say.... Its not what you know.... Its who you know. Always be kind and humble toward others... It will take you much farther in life than any amount of money or material possession. Oh... And network, network, network. :) Congratulations!
May 2 at 11:39am 

Lethia Page 
Take your student loans seriously! Pay them faithfully.
May 2 at 11:54am 

Patrick Eads 
Work smart, work hard, always be positive and life will be GOOD!!!!
May 2 at 1:37pm 

Phil Hibbard 
Find a job doing what you like, and don't sweat the small stuff!
May 2 at 1:58pm 

Bob Brownlee 
Urgency-positive can do attitude-treat everyone with respect-help people get better-show love-be fair-be transparent-be honest-have balance between work and home-have patience-love what you do and love your mate-keep it simple and enjoy foods of choice-experience new stuff-keep all of lifes curve balls in perspective-open doors for others especially females and respect your parents and elders and our lord. Everyday is a good day-just some are better than others!! Smile as life is good!!
May 2 at 5:27pm 

Anji McCormick 
Things probably aren't going to go as planned, and that's ok. Be flexible and keep the faith. If you work hard for it, good things WILL eventually happen for you.
May 2 at 6:28pm 

Samantha Dean 
Be PROUD of what you've accomplished no matter what adversity you face. And know being a Panther is an honor.
May 2 at 8:26pm  

Rhonda Greenway, '12

Major: Political Communication and Global Studies

College: Social and Behavioral Sciences

Hometown: Van Meter, Iowa

Rhonda GreenwayWhy did you choose UNI? 

After graduating in 2008 from Van Meter Jr. Sr. High with a class of thirty-eight, I came to UNI and found the tight-knit community I was used to. While at UNI I have made some of my best friends through my participation in the Northern Iowa Student Government, serving on the Freshmen Council, the NISG Senate and as the Director of Governmental Relations. I have also had fantastic opportunities to grow outside of campus, taking internships at the Iowa Finance Authority, the Iowa United Nations Association and the World Food Prize Foundation in addition to spending a month abroad at Fatih University in Istanbul.

From fifth grade until the first semester of my senior year of high school, I had planned on following in my grandfather, father, aunt and two uncles’ footsteps by attending the University of Missouri’s School of Journalism. After years of watching "Gilmore Girls," I was convinced I would be the Rory Gilmore of the Midwest, a fast-talking caffeine junkie with a flair for churning out news stories on a deadline. The 2008 election cycle, and a position as an Iowa Senate Page, sparked my interest in a previously unconsidered field, political science. Fortunately for me, UNI has one of the few political communications programs in the country, a program that morphed two of my interests. 

Who was your favorite professor and why?

I’ve had a number of genuinely wonderful professors while at UNI, specifically Catherine Palczewski, Chris Larimer, Lindsay Cohn, Donna Hoffman and Laura Janik have been essential in enhancing my professional and academic experiences at UNI both in and outside of the classroom. They are each uniquely skilled, affording students the opportunity to learn and discuss pressing issues while being confronted by a diverse array of perspectives. Their electrifying enthusiasm toward student engagement, student success and student learning goes beyond the classroom, compelling UNI students to live up to their consistently high expectations. 

What are your next steps?

Ideally, I would love to receive an international placement as a diplomat within the U.S. Foreign Service. I passed the somewhat infamous Foreign Service Officer Test and am awaiting further information about my candidacy. Beyond the Foreign Service, I have been fortunate to obtain phenomenal internships over the last four years, giving me a clear idea of my interests. As such, I am in the process of applying and interviewing for positions in economic development, higher education, food policy and international development.