Iowa-Teach recruits the next generation of teachers

TC participates in the Iowa Teach Program

Not only do students get to experience field visits while enrolled in the Iowa-Teach Program, TC gets the chance to participate as well.

UNI student Sarah Mogolov chose to pursue a teaching degree for two reasons: she loves working with children and math was her favorite subject in high school.

"I knew that I loved working with children, which kind of put the idea of teaching into my head," said Mogolov. "My sophomore year of high school, I had a math teacher who REALLY made me love my math classes, and that was when I started thinking I wanted to be a math teacher."

Mogolov, along with other like-minded students participated in the Iowa-Teach Program that exposes students to teaching careers.

The Iowa-Teach Mathematics & Science Teacher Recruitment Program is for first-and second- year STEM majors and transfer students who might be interested in teaching as a career.

A program of Iowa’s Regent universities, in partnership with Iowa community colleges and private colleges, Iowa-Teach was created to boost the number and diversity of Iowa math and science teachers.

The program was first introduced at UNI in 2008 as a seminar. The 15-week course gives talented math and science majors the opportunity to hear from experts and dabble in teaching with field visits.

"The Iowa-Teach Program is where I was put into a classroom for the first time," said Moglov. She did her field visit in an eighth-grade math classroom at Malcolm Price Laboratory School, Iowa's Research & Development School. "I was nervous at first because I had never really ‘taught’ math, but as the days went on I felt more comfortable and really enjoyed helping students."

Once students complete the seminar, Iowa-Teach offers well-paid internships in museums, nature centers, after-school programs and elsewhere. It can also lead to scholarship opportunities.

"This program gives math and science majors the chance to make an informed decision about being a teacher," said Jason Lang, an instructor in biology and Iowa-Teach supervisor.  "It's a huge opportunity when students have a chance to explore their field more."

Mogolov will finish student teaching in the Des Moines area this fall. She feels her journey at UNI was complemented with the 15 weeks she spent experiencing exactly what it’s like to be a teacher.

"I always told myself that I didn’t want a job where I would have to sit behind a desk all day, I wanted something I would really enjoy," said Mogolov. “After a semester in the Iowa-Teach Program, I never again doubted that I wanted to go into math teaching."

Iowa Teach prepares students

Iowa-Teach paves the way for internships and student teaching opportunities after completing the 15-week course.