Living the Greek Life

Greek Life can be a huge part of many people’s college experience. To continue their involvement after graduation, two UNI alumni were given the opportunity to become involved at the national level. Alex Stepanek and Emily Lynch are now working for their respective fraternity and sorority headquarters. Alex works for Sigma Phi Epsilon (SigEp) and Emily works for Alpha Delta Pi (ADPi).

“I came into college with absolutely zero intention of joining a fraternity and after I met the men of SigEp at UNI my perceptions very quickly changed,” said Alex. “Immediately, I was welcomed into this group of high achieving men who were there to build me up and help me be the best person I could possibly be.”

Fraternity and Sorority Life

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For Emily, getting involved with Greek Life was something she had heard a lot about while growing up. “I heard some of my family members talk about their Greek experiences and opportunities,” Emily said. “I wanted to be involved in something as soon as I stepped foot on campus, and sorority life was the perfect opportunity to do so. I was looking for a sisterhood, but I found so much more than that.”

Upon graduating from UNI, both individuals applied to work for their national organizations. Alex joined Sigma Phi Epsilon as a regional director and Emily joined as a leadership consultant for Alpha Delta Pi. For Alex, after going to a leadership event and talking with one of his regional directors last year, the decision to work for headquarters was easily made.

“I knew it would give me the opportunity to help other undergraduates have the same fantastic experience that I had and learn about themselves along the way,” said Alex. Emily had a similar perspective when applying for a position. “I wanted the opportunity to work as a leadership consultant to give back to the sisterhood that had given so much to me,” she said.

Emily and Alex have many responsibilities as members of their national organizations. As a regional director, Alex travels throughout the northeast United States and oversees 21 undergraduate chapters across eight states. “I move from chapter to chapter consulting undergraduates on how to improve their day-to-day operations to become the best chapter they can possibly be. On top of that, I work with driven undergraduate members to set long-term visions for their organizations at a local level. Above all else, I give young men the tools to succeed and grow to become the best version of themselves possible.”

As a leadership consultant, Emily primarily works on leadership development, but her role shifts every day based on a chapter's needs. Recruitment, officer training, finance and event planning are just a few of the items she helps with at these chapters.  “My goal is to ensure that the members are continually growing and reaching their full potential. The four main points that we focus on in Alpha Delta Pi are scholarship, self, sorority and sisterhood, so I help the officers develop this programming within their chapters.”

Although these jobs are often temporary, the impact of their experiences will last a lifetime. “Everywhere I go, I walk into a completely different environment with different challenges, which enables me to work with almost anyone,” said Alex. “By taking these lessons that I've learned here and applying them to my future endeavors, I know I'll have a much higher likelihood of success than I would've had otherwise.”

Emily has the same mindset about the benefits she has gained from this position. “My job focuses on crucial skills such as public speaking, reporting, problem solving and team building,” she said. “There are a variety of situations that I work through daily, and it gives me confidence that I am capable of accomplishing anything that I set my mind to.”

Both graduates had an amazing experience in Greek Life while at UNI and recommend students look into it. Alex and Emily continue to help their specific organizations to thrive and give other undergraduates the same opportunity to be successful within their chapters.

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