Meet the next generation of Panthers

Our graduating seniors found a place where they belonged at the University of Northern Iowa. Their tireless academic preparation, strong relationships with faculty and other students, and wide variety of out-of-class experiences have helped create a strong foundation for their future. These are but a few of our promising spring 2019 graduates:

Emily VandeWieleName: Emily VandeWiele

Hometown: Geneseo, IL

Major: Leisure, Youth, and Human Services with an emphasis in Therapeutic Recreation

Post-graduation plans: Interning at UnityPoint Trinity in Rock Island, Illinois for the summer. After that, moving to East Lansing Michigan to help plant The Commons Church with the Salt Network.

“UNI has given me a sense of belonging unlike anything else in my life. I have made lifelong friends here, and it has shown me what true community looks like.

“UNI taught me how to network through in-class and out-of-class experiences. My professors have been there for me every step of the way, and that says a lot because they did not have to be, yet they chose to.”

Nick KayserName: Nick Kayser

Hometown: Bode, Iowa

Major: Triple major in Supply Chain Management, Finance, and Real Estate.

Post-graduation plans: Moving to Cedar Rapids and working for Collins Aerospace as a sourcing specialist.  

“It is honestly so hard to pick the most enjoyable thing during my attendance at UNI, because I enjoyed everything about it. I fell in love with my study abroad trip to Ireland where I experienced international business. I had a blast living on campus where I met some of the best friends that I will have the rest of my life. Also, I enjoyed every second in the student organizations and on-campus jobs that developed the person I am today.

“UNI has given me a great foundation of skills and knowledge that will easily assist me as I move into the workforce. UNI has given me everything that will aid me to succeed in the future and reach my dreams!”

Kate DeakinsName: Kate Deakins

Hometown: Maxwell, IA

Major: Post Secondary Education: Student Affairs

Post-graduation plans: Moving to State College, Pennsylvania to work as the Director of Men’s Soccer Operations for Penn State.

“My favorite thing about UNI was the opportunity I had to build relationships with both professionals and peers. These people have helped to encourage, support, and ultimately push me to be my best. I wouldn’t be where I am without them.

“UNI gave me a lot of opportunity to build skills outside the classroom through graduate assistantships and internships. These opportunities set me up to be successful and pushed me to where I am now. Each one helped me to develop skills that I could use to be better at my next job.”

Julie Van EeName: Julie Van Ee

Hometown: Pella, IA

Major: Marketing Sales

Post-graduation plans: Working full-time at the marketing agency Spinutech.

I’m not lying ­— 12 Flavors of Blue Bunny in the dining center (brought me to UNI). I stopped looking after that.

Once I was here, UNI gave me a plethora of opportunities to grow personally, academically and professionally. The professors truly cared for my success. UNI prepared me to solve problems and have the professional skills that are needed in the workplace. It’s the university of nothing’s impossible."