More than 2+2

The Center for Teaching & Learning Mathematics (CTLM) at UNI launched in 2007 to enhance mathematics instruction and learning for teachers, students and families. What began as a contract with the Department of Defense Education Activity to provide high school teachers mathematical professional development, evolved into innovative professional development courses for all teachers.

Center for Teaching and Learning
UNI's Center for Teaching & Learning Mathematics launched in 2007 to enhance mathematics instruction and learning for teachers, students and families.

UNI faculty and staff partner with Area Education Agency staff to provide professional development opportunities to elementary teachers and their principals to deepen their understanding of mathematical concepts including operations, geometry, measurement and algebraic thinking to name a few.

The foundation of this work is the center's "Making Sense of Mathematics and Teaching" courses, which include a blend of online and face-to-face instruction, complemented by classroom coaching and mentoring.

The CTLM has received numerous state and federal grants over the years to fund a variety of Making Sense learning opportunities including:

  • Making Sense Family Resources in mathematics, funded by the Department of Defense Education Activity - provides resources for military families and community support personnel. The project is now complete and more than 200 online videos are available to educators and families.
  • Making Sense of Mathematics and Teaching, funded by grants from the Iowa Department of Education - serves more than 50 teachers from Southwest Iowa in addition to another 200 teachers in 11 districts across Iowa.
  • Elementary Mathematics Instructional Coaching, funded by the Waterloo Community Schools - partners the center, UNI's math department and the district to provide intense modeling, coaching and professional development to elementary teachers.

During 2012-13, the center is working with Cunningham and Irving Elementary Schools in Waterloo to focus specifically on the district's new math curriculum to increase teacher content knowledge of mathematics, teaching strategies and student achievement.

The CTLM's mission is to empower teachers and principals to become the most impactful teachers and leaders they can be in the classroom.

So what do the teachers have to say?

"The strategies I am learning from the math class and implementing in my classroom are positively impacting my students' math skills and test scores."

"… with all the other classes in this series, my understanding has deepened so much that I have a new level of confidence and feel like I am willing to attack each problem with a tool box that I never had before."

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