New MyUNIverse Portal debuts May 22

MyPage for studentsThe Student Information System Implementation will mark a major milestone later this month when the new version of the MyUNIverse portal goes live. The two-year implementation process will eventually include Admissions, Financial Aid, student records, Academic Advising, records and billing. The portal will go live May 22, with other key areas phased in over the next 1 1/2 years. 

The portal will be the end user's gateway to the new student system, accessing student and employee records and eventually all of the transactions available in the student information system. It uses the same authentication (CatID and password) that people are accustomed to at UNI.

Each user will have a main page called My Page. The content and layout of My Page is completely customizable by the user. Not only can the user select what content to appear on the page, they will have the ability to arrange the page in two or three columns and decide which content goes to which column. Announcements, news, updating personal information, password management are just a few of the areas in the My Page section of the portal. Social networking features, such as Facebook, Twitter, and RSS feeds are also available in the portal.

Another of the key features of the portal is arranging key content areas by topics with tabs. The segmenting of the content with tabs helps minimize the amount of information on each tab. The tabs include Academics, Finances, Work@UNI and Life@UNI, and are also customizable within their topic. The content of each tab, including My Page, is arranged in pagelets, content areas that can be collapsed or deleted.

Users should find not only more information available to them in the new portal, but find it easier to use and customize  as well.

Above: Student My Page tab

Below: Customize content page (partial page)

Bottom: Customize layout page

Personalize content page

Personalize layout page