Panther Marching Band is largest in UNI history

With 280 members, this year's Panther Marching Band (PMB) is the largest in UNI history. This record-setting number not only reflects the consistent growth PMB has experienced over the years but also reflects the strength of the program.

Panther Marching Band
UNI's Panther Marching Band performs in the UNI-Dome.

"It's great to know that so many students want to join our program," said director of PMB Danny Galyen. "The growth of the band really demonstrates the outstanding experience that students have in the band and in the School of Music."

With the increase in membership, the quality of the program can be expected to grow even more. "There is so much more that we can do with a larger marching band than with a smaller one," said Galyen. "We are really able to fill the Dome with sound and present a strong challenge to the Iowa and Iowa State bands now that we are of comparable size."

The marching band plans to take advantage of their new growth by performing at several events throughout the year and partnering with other groups. For their Homecoming halftime performance on Oct. 12, PMB partnered with the UNI Taiko drum ensemble to bring Japanese percussion into their set. The band will perform at the 2013 Cedar Rapids Indoor Marching Classic on Oct.14, and they will continue supporting area high schools at their Friday night football games.

While this may seem like a lot to take on, it's yet another testament to the strength of the marching band. "The students have this energy and passion for what they do," said Galyen. "We strive to be the best and most entertaining band in the state and in the region."

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