Staff You Should Know: Darrell Taylor

"I think that almost everything that humans do is art," said Darrell Taylor, director of UNI's Gallery of Art. "It's all a process that matters. A person's life from beginning to end is this beautiful story, and this beautiful story is art."

Taylor is in charge of planning programming for UNI's art gallery, setting up exhibits, overseeing UNI's permanent art collection and preparing all of UNI Department of Art's published materials.

Darrell Taylor
In addition to being director of UNI's Gallery of Art, Taylor is also a working artist.

"My interests in the arts and organizing kind of melded so I could take this position here in the gallery," he said. "Just like an artist, a painter stands before a canvas and creates a work of art -- a composition -- creating programming is kind of like creating compositions."

Taylor studied intermedia and video art in college. Upon his graduation, one of his professors recommended he should work at UNI. Taylor fell in love with the campus.

"Walking onto this beautiful campus and seeing a perfect space for artists in the Kamerick Art Building, I thought, 'This is the place for me,'" he said.

Taylor's job allows him to work closely with students. Their experiences in the gallery have allowed graduates from the program to establish successful careers.

"The UNI Gallery of Art is actually run by students. This provides opportunities for them in museum studies and arts administration," he said. "People have graduated from UNI and gone on to have really successful careers. It inspires me."

One of Taylor's favorite productions was actually centered on UNI alumni. The year-long program featured seven different exhibitions that showcased the work of graduates from UNI's art department.

"We wanted to bring alumni back so our students could meet them, see their work and see that someone who graduated from the UNI Department of Art could craft a career for themselves," Taylor said. "It creates a model for our students."

While Taylor enjoys his job and working with students, he's also a working artist. His experience creating art influences his perspective on life in various ways.

"It can be a very good thing to make a mistake when you're composing a painting or drawing. That mistake very often makes your work better," he said. "To me, in addition to making art, that's kind of a way of living, too. You live your life, you make a mistake, but you have to live with your mistake and you go forward from there."

Taylor's art has affected his outlook on life by reminding him to pay attention to the minor details in his everyday life.

"People take for granted things that happen in our lives, because they're trying to get to the next point but how you get to the next point is so very important," he said. "As human beings, we are alive with sensation. A lot of the time we tune out those sensations because it's too powerful, but if we just take a moment to revel in that, we learn so much."

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