Student employees make their mark at UNI

You see it all over campus… a cheery welcome, a bright smile, a hot meal served, phones answered and visitors helped – these are just a snapshot of the 2,500 plus University of Northern Iowa student employees who work on campus.

Student Employment
UNI students have many opportunities for on-campus employment, from working in the dining centers to assisting with clerical work and gardening.

From dining services, to residence halls, admissions, peer advising, career counseling and more, students are honing their work skills and preparing for their future.

Students tell us they choose campus employment because of convenience, flexibility, tuition support and that extra edge academically.

Erin Schroeder, a UNI alumna who graduated in May with a business teaching degree, took all of these student employment benefits to heart when she started work as a dining service assistant at the Piazza in January 2009.

"I got an on-campus job because I needed to stay busy," said Schroeder. "When I started I got a lot of help from the staff. They were very welcoming."

Having an on-campus job allowed Schroeder to work on her leadership skills, time management, organization skills and personal development.

"I stopped looking at it as a job where I could meet people and instead started developing myself as a leader," said Schroeder. "I worked hard at correlating my job with my major. I thought of the dining service assistants that I oversaw as students in a classroom; I wanted to help them along."

Allison Hamilton, a senior majoring in graphic design, and Ben Rendall, a senior majoring in art, both work as marketing promotion assistants in the College of Humanities, Arts and Sciences (CHAS).

"I enjoy working on campus because I can incorporate my work schedule into my life," said Rendall. "Most of my classes are close in location to where I work, which is nice when I have a busy schedule. Working for CHAS also allows me to learn about departments, buildings and events that I wouldn't have previously known about."

"To say that this job has been a learning experience is an understatement," said Hamilton. "Working with talented creatives has inspired and challenged me to develop my skills as a designer. I've strengthened my portfolio and honed skills that will make me valuable to future employers."

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