A student entrepreneur

Growing up, Michael Maloney was surrounded by entrepreneurs thanks to both of his parents owning businesses. Entrepreneurship has stuck with him ever since. 

“I will say I have always had a hard time working for other people. I can do it, but I tend to find deficiencies in other people’s processes easily sometimes, and I enjoy being in control,” said Michael.

“I truly believe everyone has a purpose in life, and I believe my purpose is to grow my business in a way that maximizes positive communal impact.”

Mike Maloney
Mike Maloney was able to attain valuable resources to grow his company, Maloney Landscapes, while at UNI.

Michael is a senior business administration major who also runs his own business, Maloney Lawn Landscape Snow (a.k.a. Maloney Landscapes).

Maloney Landscapes is a full-service landscaping company offering lawn care, fertilization/weed treatments, aeration, landscaping installation and more. Michael officially started his business almost four years ago while attending Hawkeye Community College.  

“I told myself that it would be valuable to start attaining clients early, so I didn’t wait. I bought a 52” mower and started handing out fliers,” he explained.

Since those first fliers, the company has grown to include six employees and even established a partnership with a local home building company, Panther Builders.

Wanting to grow his business skills and knowledge even more, Michael transferred to UNI. “UNI stuck out to me because of its business college. I had heard from my peers that the business college was well accredited, and after doing some research and a visit, I was comfortable choosing UNI’s business administration program,” he stated.

“It is a big step choosing a school for collegiate academics, but I feel relieved knowing I chose UNI.”

UNI made Michael’s transfer a seamless process and Michael is especially thankful for the networking opportunities his classes have given him.

“My classmates have become friends and basically every person I’ve met has become a resource, whether it be a social resource, a resource for financial advice, business law advice, accounting advice, etc. Also, in most cases, a professor can be worth far more than just their lectures,” he added.

After graduation, Michael plans to focus all of his time on Maloney Landscapes without having the extra schoolwork. By 2025, he hopes to expand his business to reach the Cedar Rapids area.

For aspiring entrepreneurs, Michael suggests, “Educate. Educate. Educate. Information is king. If you have something you are passionate about, do everything you can to learn about it.”