Student success: Spring 2013 grads

Approximately 1,644 UNI students will graduate this spring. A few are giving us a sneak peek at their next adventure...

Ben Carton – Davenport, Iowa
B.A. – accounting and finance: financial management; Master of Accounting

Ben chose to attend UNI primarily for the reputation of the accounting program and its professors. When he arrived on campus, he found out how great UNI was firsthand. Ben participated in the Accounting Club, Honors Program and several other organizations, which provided him with countless opportunities to connect with students and network with potential employers. Before graduating, Ben was able to begin a Master of Accounting degree; after graduation, he will work at HNI Corporation in Muscatine, Iowa, as a member of the Accounting and Finance Development Program.

"I am proud to be another student that has completed the highly regarded accounting program. My time at UNI has created friendships, memories and skills that will stay with me for the rest of my life."

Marci Swank – Rockwell City, Iowa
B.A. – English

Marci decided to attend UNI because of the great assistance and encouragement she received working with UNI transfer advisers. She's been able to work with professors that showed her ways to apply an English degree to every aspect of her life. Marci will be working full time at Webspec Design, a website design company in Des Moines, Iowa, after graduation.

"While I know I've been able to make great memories, connections and [build] a great resume, the most important thing that UNI has provided me with is the confidence through the knowledge my professors have passed on, that I can take on any career option the future might lead me to."

Amy Grell - DeWitt, Iowa
B.A. - elementary education

While at UNI, Amy participated in a number of clubs and organizations – Kappa Delta Pi, the Student Reading Association; she was a reading partner for the Culture and Intensive English Program and was a Big Sister for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northeast Iowa. One of the best decisions she made as a UNI student was studying abroad for her Capstone..."I still dream of the days in Italy!" After graduation, Amy will begin her career as a third grade teacher at Eagle Heights Elementary in Clinton, Iowa.

"As a graduate, the first thing I'm going to do is frame my diploma so I can proudly display it in my future classrooms. I will, without hesitation, let people know I graduated from the University of Northern Iowa."

Ben Beck – Savanna, Ill. 
B.S. – applied physics

Ben chose to attend UNI because of all the good experiences he came across while researching the university. He was very active in the Physics Club and really enjoyed his Modern Physics class. After graduation, Ben has a job lined up with John Deere as an engineer analyst.

"Graduating from UNI means that I'm entering a new phase of my life. I'll miss the research that I had the opportunity to participate in."

Ben CartonMarci SwankAmy GrellBen Beck
Ben Carton
Marci Swank
Amy Grell
Ben Beck