Students are in good hands

Student patrol
UNI's Student Patrol assists Public Safety with tasks that free officers to perform their law enforcement duties.

You're studying at Rod Library. Time got away from you and now it's midnight. On an already-safe campus, just having someone walk you home would make you feel more at ease.

One call to UNI's Student Patrol and a warm, cozy van or friendly, on-foot escort will be on the way.

UNI's Student Patrol program began in 1990 as a way to connect patrol members with other UNI students and to enhance campus safety. Male and female patrol members, who are part UNI's Department of Public Safety, represent a variety of majors and include freshman through senior classifications.

Two-person patrol teams, who can easily be identified by their navy polo shirts, work seven days a week. Shifts range from four to six hours, beginning at 7:30 p.m.

"We are like the eyes and ears of the UNI police," said Nicole Roethlisberger, student patrol coordinator and accounting graduate student. "Our main goal is to maintain a safe learning environment for all UNI students."

The Student Patrol assists the Department of Public Safety with tasks that free officers to perform their law enforcement duties. On any given night, the Student Patrol can be found escorting people across campus, locking buildings, checking campus emergency phones to make sure they remain in working order and chatting with students. "We like it when students use our services," said Roethlisberger. "And it's gratifying when they say, 'We're glad you're here.'"

Being a patrol member gives students in UNI's criminology program an opportunity to gain experience in the safety and security field. Roethlisberger also said being part of the team "is an excellent way for students in any major to gain leadership experience, build their communication and critical-thinking skills, work with officers and dispatchers, and get to know more students."

Students who want to gain this kind of experience and be a campus ambassador are encouraged to apply for the Student Patrol at