Students You Should Know: Candice Burke

Candice Burke says she gets to major in a field (leisure, youth and human services) where you have the opportunity to give people enjoyment every day.

Candice Burke
Burke came to UNI because she really wanted to play volleyball and knew UNI's program was very successful.

It's sort of how she lives her life – her mantra as she says, "Live life the way you want to, not how someone else wants you to. You only live once!"

And Burke has done just that, giving a lot of joy to many of her fans as a UNI senior playing as a Defensive Specialist (Libero) position on the UNI volleyball team. She led the team last season in digs.

Burke came to UNI because she really wanted to play volleyball and she knew the program was very successful. She was welcomed by not only the coaches, but the UNI faculty and students too.

She started UNI undecided about her major, but she found her passion for leisure, youth and human services. She encourages other students to talk to their professors and get to know them because they will become the best references and resources for your future after college.

Burke says, "My professors, instructors, tutors and advisers have been incredibly supportive in helping me to be successful in the classroom and on the court."

And that support is incredibly important with a schedule like Burke's. A typical day starts with weightlifting, classes, three hours of afternoon practice, a weekly night class, a couple cardio workouts and eating and sleeping! So how does an athlete manage her time to excel in and out of the classroom?

Burke says time management skills are something she has had to learn. She plans her week way ahead, sorts out what assignments are due first and what tasks will take the most time to complete.

She says, "I have learned that nothing is handed to you, that you have to work for it. Even if no one else thought you could do it, you can never stop believing in yourself and your abilities. Don't take life so seriously, and take time to have fun because time flies!"

Outside of volleyball and studying, she serves on the Student Athlete Administration Council, does volunteer work and loves to coach youth volleyball.

Her advice to future young players: "The sky's the limit, if you work hard and stay focused. Have fun; never forget why you started playing the first place -- it's because we love it!"

And we love watching her play. She hopes people won't remember her as the short girl on the team, but remember her as someone who loved playing the game as a hustler and competitor.

Somehow, we don't think that will be a problem. Just as she tells young girls the sky is the limit, it appears the sky's the limit for Burke too.