Students You Should Know: Catherine Au Jong

For most people, packing up their bedrooms and moving a couple hours away to college is hard. But for Catherine Au Jong, an international student from Jakarta, Indonesia, moving to a whole new country was an easy decision.

Catherine Au Jong
Au Jong chose to attend UNI because of its renowned business school and friendly community.

Au Jong, a senior majoring in accounting and management information systems, has gone to the University of Northern Iowa all four years. She chose UNI because of the renowned business school and the friendly community.

When she isn't busy working towards her major, Au Jong likes to hang out with her friends. "We like to cook different food. Sometimes I will ask my friends if they want to model for me and I'll take pictures."

In addition to taking pictures of friends, Au Jong also takes pictures at events for the organizations she is involved with on campus. She is president of the International Student Association, a member of Student Admissions Ambassadors, and is involved in many other activities on campus. "These groups helped me open up to other people and learn more about them," explains Au Jong.

Besides photography, Au Jong also loves fashion and has a minor in textiles and apparel. "It's very easy to incorporate my business classes with my fashion classes," she explains. In the future, Au Jong would like to use her UNI education to become an entrepreneur and combine fashion and technology.

Au Jong also enjoys dancing. During Homecoming she organized a flash mob of Gangnam Style at the football tailgate.

"Coming to UNI has been an adventure. Before I came here I had a different personality; it's been life changing." Au Jong has had a good experience at UNI. "You can always contact a professor by either phone, email or meeting them in their office," says Au Jong. "They are very one-on-one."

The motivation Au Jong uses to get good grades is the drive to get into a big accounting firm. What she likes best about her major is that it's easy to find an internship and a job. "Whenever I talk to accounting firms and they learn I'm attending UNI, they always praise the accounting program here."

Some day Catherine Au Jong might be a high-ranking accountant, she may be the one behind the camera at the next big event, or you might be buying her line of clothes from the university bookstore.