Students You Should Know: Corey Cooling

In addition to balancing two majors (philosophy and physics), UNI senior Corey Cooling is passionately involved in multiple campus organizations.

Corey Cooling
Cooling conducting undergraduate research in a physics lab.

"My involvement with student organizations has been a highlight of my time at UNI," said Cooling. "The friendships I've formed, in addition to the organizational and leadership skills I've developed, are things I will never forget."

Cooling's involvement has given him the opportunity to meet some interesting people. An encounter that stands out for Cooling is when the Philosophy Club brought Massimo Pigliucci, a renowned philosopher of science at CUNY-Lehman College, to campus.

"As a club, we got to give him a tour of campus and interact with him before his lecture and at dinner afterwards. In light of my double major, it was rewarding to hear about his career progression from biologist to philosopher and his perspective of the world."

These educational experiences, both inside and outside the classroom, have helped Cooling to develop his own perspectives.

"In my mind, college is about expanding your horizons and becoming a well-rounded educated member of society," he said. "When it comes to really sharpening your mind and asking the 'big' questions, the study of philosophy is really rewarding."

It's no surprise that the study of both philosophy and physics have helped Cooling to develop a wide range of skills.

"UNI has been really good to me," said Cooling. "In my study of physics I've engaged in some undergraduate research, which has been interesting and will be a bonus for me while I pursue graduate school. Beyond that, classes I've taken in the philosophy department have prepared me by honing my critical thinking and writing skills."

After graduation, Cooling plans to pursue a graduate degree in physics while researching alternative energy technologies.

"It's my hope to utilize both of my degrees to make a positive impact on those around me and in society at large," he said.