Students You Should Know: Erin Zaideman

Erin Zaideman, a junior education major and goalkeeper for the UNI women's soccer team, has been playing soccer since she was four years old. More than just a fun pastime, soccer has provided Erin with the values and skills to be successful in all areas of her life.

Erin Zaideman
Erin at a UNI women's soccer game.

"Athletics has been a real positive in my life," she said. "It's made me a very ambitious, hardworking, goal-oriented person."

Erin has many goals and there's no doubt that she will achieve them. She has the outgoing personality and positive outlook on life that will help her be successful. She's already achieved some of her goals, like being accepted into UNI's College of Education and becoming a Division I soccer player.

Part of her success can be attributed to her determined spirit. However, Erin gives credit to the community at UNI with helping her achieve her goals. "I have a great support system on the athletic side and on the academic side," she said.

Education is where her true passion lies. She left her hometown of Bartlett, Ill. to attend UNI, the only school in the Midwest that has the elementary/middle-level dual major.

At UNI, she's part of UNI's Student Association of Middle Level Educators, Dance Marathon, UNI Proud and Students Against a Violent Environment (SAVE) Forum Actors.

In high school, she worked with the Appalachia Service Project, which helps reconstruct homes for impoverished families in rural Central Appalachia. She also helped establish an organization at her high school, Hawkbuds, which aims to create an inclusive environment for students with special needs.

The program is still thriving today. "That's really rewarding, seeing it grow," said Erin.

Growth is something Erin values, both for herself and others. "I love watching people grow," she said. "I like to help people improve on their selves or their skills."

"I know teaching is the career for me," she said. "Every time I'm around children or teaching them something, I get a life high. I walk out of the classroom and I have the biggest smile on my face."

Visit UNI's YouTube channel to see Erin featured on an episode of Panther Sports Talk.