Students You Should Know: Jordan Christian

This past year, Jordan Christian was a resident assistant (RA) in Dancer Hall at UNI. For some people, being an RA your sophomore year of college is enough of a full-time job, but not for Jordan. He also runs his own landscaping business in his hometown of Madison, Wisc.

Jordan Christian
Christian has taken things he's learned from his economics classes at UNI and applied them to his mowing business.

Christian started mowing lawns his sophomore year in high school. "My mom told me that I either had to get a real job or make something of my lawn mowing. I decided to stick to lawn mowing," he said.

His landscaping jobs have turned into a real business. Handing out flyers door-to-door, he had an initial return rate of 25 percent, which he says is an amazing start for a blossoming business. Christian is hoping to expand his business even more during the summer.

While he's at UNI, his younger brother helps to keep the business running. He trained his brother on all aspects of his business: meeting clients, trimming and removing bushes, laying patio brick, weeding, putting down mulch, mowing lawns and much more.

Last summer Christian was hard at work. "At the beginning of summer, I worked 60-hour weeks with my landscaping business and at least 10 hours at a hotel." You'll find Christian hard at work at UNI when he returns as a junior this fall.

"UNI was my first choice for college. The accounting program is fantastic." Along with his accounting major, he is debating between four minors: business management, finance, real estate and economics.

Christian has taken things from his economics class and applied them to his business. "I learned how to do financial statements in one of my classes and started doing my own to prepare myself for the test in class."

He says that one of the many wonderful professors at UNI that have influenced him is instructor David Deeds. He has built on Christian's knowledge and understanding of financial statements and accounting.

Christian is no newcomer to dealing with money. In kindergarten, he started a state quarter collection that is now more than 4,000 quarters. "I guess if anything bad happens to the business," he says jokingly, "I can always cash in my quarters!"

When he isn't doing financial statements for fun, he likes to go to UNI's football and basketball games. He also enjoys leading a middle school youth group at Prairie Lakes Church and attending Navigators, a weekly worship service on campus.

Christian seems to be on the path to success with a business that offers "quality service at an exceptional price."