Students You Should Know: Kelvin Robinson

For Kelvin Robinson, the best thing about being a student at the University of Northern Iowa is the people that surround him on a daily basis. "They smile and they're welcoming," noted Robinson. "It's a totally different dynamic than the city I'm used to."

Kelvin Robinson
Robinson is heavily involved on campus. His work as an RA gives him the chance to "experience the life of a UNI student from different perspectives."

Robinson, a junior majoring in business management with an emphasis in supply chain and demand at UNI, is a leader both on and off campus. Coming from Gary, Ind., Robinson's main focus has been to seize every opportunity he could, and he has done exactly that.

Robinson is heavily involved on campus. He is a member of the Student Admissions Ambassadors (SAA), Culture and Intensive English Program (CIEP), Black Student Union, Black Male Leadership Union, Supply Chain Management Association, Ethnic Student Promoters and Excel, a student business organization.

"God and my mom brought me to UNI," says Robinson, whose faith remains a very important part of his life. His mom was insistent upon him coming to UNI because of the opportunities offered, the scholarships and the great education.

Robinson loves his work in SAA, a group that gives weekly tours to prospective students. One of the most rewarding parts of his involvement in the group is when people tell him that they decided to come to UNI because of his tour.

Off campus, Robinson has also volunteered at Habitat for Humanity. Through Habitat for Humanity, Robinson learned the value of being able to help somebody have a home that otherwise wouldn't have been able to afford it, which was an eye-opening experience.

Aside from his involvement in various groups on campus, Robinson also works as a resident assistant at Campbell Hall. Because of his love for people, one of his best moments as an RA was when a student who hadn't talked much previously finally opened up to him. "He told me all about his personal life, and things he had going on at home," remembered Robinson.

"As an RA, I get the chance to experience the life of a UNI student from different perspectives. It allows me the chance to be able to appreciate all of the differences that make each student unique," said Robinson. "On the job I've grown as a person through my residents and my co-workers; they have helped shape me into a better person."

"I want to be a leader because my ancestors didn't have the chance to," said Robinson. "I also get involved because there are going to be people that come behind me and I want to set a path for them to be able to excel."