Students You Should Know: Mandey Lund

You might have seen Mandey Lund doing one of her extravagant, heartfelt performances around campus, working at Piazza in her free time or read about her in UNI's Panther. Magazine. As a junior majoring in art with an emphasis in studio performance arts, Lund knows how to have a deep impact on people.

Mandey Lund
During this performance, Lund shed light on issues such as eating disorders and family communication at meals.

Lund uses her performances to reach people through their feelings and emotions. While performing for Art from the Heart at UNI, Lund went around and hugged the whole audience with the intention of making everyone feel included and welcome.

At UNI, Lund has been given the opportunity to show her art in a professional way in galleries and with performance art events. 

Lund participated and helped with the UNI event "Vertigo Mini." She set a table with food, plates and silverware and invited people to place food on the plates. During this time, she was in a glass gallery case, unable to touch the food. This performance shed light on issues such as eating disorders and family communication at meals.

These performances physically show the mental battle that some people experience daily. "I would like to be known for reaching a lot of people in a positive way and helping them improve their lives by showing them the beauty in things."

Art faculty Aypryl Pippert and Jeff Byrd have helped push Lund to focus on what she needs to do for herself and not what the world wants. "They taught me how to take my education outside of this community and apply it elsewhere."

So what's next for Lund?

- Travel around the world doing performance art.

- Attend graduate school in either Boston or California to possibly become a professor.

  • - Become an author, a goal she's already working on. Lund is in the process of writing four different books ranging from an instructional guide to short stories and journal articles.

Lund chose UNI because her brother previously came here and she looks up to him. UNI is also one of the few schools in the Midwest to offer performance art as a major. "I just felt that I needed to come here. My mind has been opened up to a lot of issues I didn't think were relevant to my life. It made me feel like I was a part of something bigger than myself."

If you would like to see Lund's past performances, visit her websites at and