Students You Should Know: Phil Musson

If there's one piece of advice that is given to every incoming college freshman, it's this: get involved. Phil Musson, a senior double majoring in business management and Spanish, is one student who hasn't taken this advice for granted.

Phil Musson
Musson is involved with many on-campus activities. "Being involved in extracurricular activities is really the most important thing someone can do in school to get a job."

Musson has been involved in many on-campus activities, including student organizations, intramural sports teams, a study abroad program and more. Undoubtedly, his involvement contributed to him recently accepting a full-time position at Principal Financial Group after interning there last summer.

"Being involved in extracurricular activities is really the most important thing someone can do in school to get a job," advised Musson. "Think about it -- everyone will graduate having a similar degree, having had the same classes and with GPAs that aren't too far apart. What you do in a student organization -- the projects you take part in, the leadership roles you take on -- will be what sets you apart."

For the past four years, Musson has taken on leadership roles in many organizations. He currently serves as the president of Pi Sigma Epsilon (PSE), the nation's only co-ed fraternity specializing in marketing, sales and management, with chapters all across the nation.

"It's a fun group, but it's a hard-working group too," noted Musson. He first joined the business club in his freshman year, and held various positions throughout the years. Because of his position at PSE, Musson is also the co-president of the College of Business Administration presidents' council at UNI, which is composed of the presidents of business organizations on campus.

Through his management major, Musson also has an emphasis in organizational leadership, which is a brand new area of study at UNI. "My favorite thing about the organizational leadership emphasis is how hands-on the professors are," noted Musson. "They get us involved in the discussion and keep class very interactive.

One of the best experiences Musson has had throughout this college career was a trip to Chile through UNI's Study Abroad Center. "Not only was it a fantastic experience while I was down there, but I don't think I would have gotten my job at Principal without the experience," said Musson. He went on to note how foreign language skills and study abroad experiences are often preferred qualifications for many jobs.

As far as his future goes, Musson just wants to keep doing what has made him successful in the first place. "I'm motivated by the knowledge that there's always something better tomorrow than there is today," said Musson. "I just have to work for it."