TK receives a pawsitive response

TC & TK posing 

Secondary mascots across the U.S.

Many universities and colleges throughout the U.S. have secondary mascots that come out for special occasions to help the top mascot spread spirit and pride for their university. 

University of Kansas (Big Jay & Baby Jay), University of Delaware (YoUDee & Baby Blue), South Alabama (South Paw & Miss Pawla), and University of Arizona (Wilber & Wilma) are universities that have two mascots representing their school.

UNI's mascot, TC, welcomes his younger sister to the UNI family! The Kitten (TK) debuted during Homecoming at the University of Northern Iowa Panther football game, where she was welcomed with open paws.

After a strong online voting response from Panther students, alumni and fans, TK was chosen as TC's sister's UNI nickname.

Because TC is an extremely busy cat and makes more than 170 off-site appearances per year at birthdays, weddings and Panther events, he really needed some help. Who better than his very own family member?

TK enjoys all aspects of UNI life from athletics, the fine arts, cultural and academic events, to hanging out with TC in the residence halls. She hopes to participate in community service projects at UNI. Being a younger cat and a little shy herself, TK will appeal to younger and more timid Panther fans.

TC is very excited that his sister is a freshman at UNI. So far, he has been busy teaching her about all the exciting opportunities and traditions UNI offers. TK will attend several wrestling meets, and men and women's basketball games this season. Because she is still adjusting to campus life and focusing on her academics, TK will not be attending every event with TC.

TC and TK have a typical sibling relationship. TC is very protective of his younger sister, while TK loves to be involved with anything and everything her big brother is doing.

When you see TC and TK out and about, be sure to say hello and introduce yourself to TK. Give her a high-five, and show your support for UNI's newest addition!


TC & TK shy     TC & TK cheering