Two summer

Jordan Eberhart, a University of Northern Iowa sophomore majoring in management: business administration, has set his sights on an adventurous summer.

Study abroad

UNI student Jordan Eberhart has always enjoyed traveling. He will be
studying abroad in Nicaragua and South Africa this summer.

"I'm participating in two study abroad trips this summer, on two different continents," said Eberhart. "I'll be joining the Socio-Economic Capstone in Nicaragua first, then 10 days later I'll be on my way to South Africa for my Organizational Management course."

Eberhart couldn't have set up an opportunity like this without the help of UNI's Study Abroad Center. The Study Abroad Center helps students experience the classroom and culture of another country by offering a number of programs.

Hundreds of UNI students are served by the Study Abroad Center each year. Previous destinations include New Zealand, Turkey, Honduras, Russia and others are added to the map each year.

UNI's Study Abroad Center went above and beyond when helping Eberhart plan his summer-long trips.

"When I asked questions or needed help, they were really good about answering them and being there for me," said Eberhart. "They really want students to get their experience."

Eberhart has all summer to gain experience. He leaves for Nicaragua on May 7 and is there for 12 days. During this Capstone course, Eberhart and other UNI students will work alongside citizens in a developing country, experiencing first-hand the socio-economic realities of Central America.

After returning from Nicaragua, he'll have 10 days to unpack, do laundry, repack, then head off to South Africa. UNI's College of Business Administration alongside the Study Abroad Center is offering this opportunity as a way to enhance student learning of organizational management. Eberhart and the group will visit three South African companies and analyze their business management and strategy skills.

"This trip gives me the opportunity to network and gain connections," said Eberhart. "I'm excited to see how businesses run on a different continent."

It will be the middle of summer by the time Eberhart returns from his worldly adventures. He'll not only fulfill some credit requirements, but he'll have a better understanding and appreciation of other cultures.

"I encourage students to study abroad," said Eberhart. "It inspires you to travel more and meet new people. It can open your eyes to different cultures."