UNI hosts Black Hawk Elementary School visit

Fifth grade students visit the graphic communications production lab to design t-shirts.More than 300 Black Hawk Elementary students, teachers and parents visited UNI in April for their annual field trip. Students engaged in educational programs and activities with UNI faculty, staff and students. Activities included:

  • learning about plant life in UNI's Botanical Center
  • playing cultural games with UNI international students and learning about life around the world
  • science experiments -- from electric shocks to the world in motion, to reflections and gazing at planets
  • learning about the campus dining recycling program
  • touring UNI's Gallery of art
  • basic computer programming
  • graphic design

And much more!

This annual visit is an exciting day for students and teachers. First-grader Joshua Graves says with a smile, "It's the best day of the whole year! Look at my UNI t-shirt."

Many of the students were sporting their Panther apparel. "Look at them in their UNI shirts," said Denise Petersen, a first-grade teacher at Black Hawk Elementary. "President Allen provided these t-shirts last year and the students made sure to wear them for this visit."

The students and teachers at Black Hawk Elementary are not the only group that gets excited for the annual visit. UNI students and faculty look forward to the day as well. Sean Leonard, a senior physical education major, says he was just excited as the visitors. "We're constantly going into the schools to get in front of students. It's an awesome opportunity when you can take them out of their element and get them doing something exciting in a new place. You can tell they just have a blast!"

The elementary students look forward to the visit all year. Seven year-old Hannah Lovegern says, "We're going to gym class soon. I'm so excited! We're going to run and play with all the college kids. It's just going to be so much fun!"

Each student has their favorite activity but some just enjoy the chance to be on campus. "This is the only time I come here. I love it!" said Akila Moore, a first grader.

For more than 20 years, UNI has partnered with Black Hawk Elementary School as part of the Waterloo Community Schools Partners in Education program, which promotes partnerships between communities and schools for the purpose of enhancing the academic and social development of students.

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Above: Fifth grade students visit the graphic communications production lab to design t-shirts.