UNI Professor Hatches Young Scientists

Darrel Weins

One University of Northern Iowa professor, with the help of several UNI students, is helping middle school students at Hoover Middle School in Waterloo broaden their understanding of science.

Using plastic culture dishes, saline solution and an incubator from UNI, Darrell Wiens, UNI professor of biology (http://www.biology.uni.edu/), helped Lesley Taylorson's science class incubate a batch of fertile eggs and hatch them. Following UNI students' demonstration the elementary students isolated the embryos, put them in a dish and examined them under a microscope. The image from the microscope was viewed on a magnified TV screen so the class could discuss their observations.

Wiens says the early chick embryo forms the same fundamental anatomy as humans, only much faster.

Leslie Taylorson, Hoover Middle School seventh grade science teacher, looks on as her students discover the chick embryos first hand. Wiens says, "Lesley Taylorson's science room is full of all kinds of interesting things to do -- lots of living creatures and on-going experiments. We just bring additional science experiments every February. I think it's important to introduce younger students to these experiments to help promote their interest in science."