UNI student hits a home run with social media

Numerous people have told Emily Droessler, a University of Northern Iowa junior majoring in sports marketing, that she should be a sports writer. With her passion for sports, excellence in the classroom and her continued success blogging alongside NBA social media consultants and other sports bloggers, a lot of people think it would be the perfect fit. But, what does Droessler think?

Emily Droessler blog

In her latest blog post, Droessler discusses how NCAA

Final Four teams rank in social media.

"I'm very interested in sports marketing, working for the Olympics is my ultimate goal," said Droessler. "I'm hoping that my writing and blogging will be beneficial in some way."

Droessler's writing and blogging buzz stemmed from an assignment in Matthew Wilson's Digital Advertising class. He tasked his students to build a personal or professional brand utilizing social media, primarily Twitter, Blogger, LinkedIn and Facebook.

"I asked students to think ahead 5 to 10 years about what their 'dream job' is," said Wilson.  "Then they started working to build a professional brand toward that goal.  In class we learn about all aspects of digital advertising, including a seven-week unit on social media marketing.  All the while, outside of class, they're developing their social media brands, discovering influential thought leaders on Twitter, and building an audience for their content."

Droessler took the assignment and ran with it. She focused her blog and other social media outlets on social media in sports. Her posts include information about how sport teams use and react to platforms like Twitter, Facebook and blogs. Her March 5 post, "Twitter-Mania: Jerseys, Courts, Fields and More," looked at how Twitter is infiltrating the world of sports.

  • Kobe Bryant's facemask has a Twitter handle: @KobeMask.
  • The Boston Celtics were said to be the first pro sports team to advertise Twitter on their home playing field by putting @celtics on the court.
  • In the PGA, golfers sponsored by TaylorMade wore hats that had #driverlove embroidered on the left side.

And, she hit a gold mine of information in February when "Linsanity" swept the nation.

"I try to write about what's relevant, what's going on right now," said Droessler. "I try not to focus on what social media did do in sports, but what it will do, then I expand on that topic."

After researching and writing so much, Droessler's posts caught the eye of NBA social media consultants and other sports bloggers. In addition to writing for her own blog, she now contributes to "The Field," a blog that "covers the best in sports & social media."

"It was only a matter of time before others who cover sports marketing discovered this great content," said Wilson.

Celtics court

Droessler blogs about social media in sports.

Recently, she's seen a trend in sport teams 

using Twitter in places other than the Internet.

"Blogging for 'The Field' is a little overwhelming," said Droessler.  "I'm the youngest contributor, so it's a lot of pressure. I make sure to read everything numerous times before posting. But, I'll continue contributing as long as they'll have me!"

"She is inspiring my other students who now recognize what an opportunity social media represents," said Wilson. "They see that her focus, discipline and hard work is paying off. It motivates them to do the same."

So, what happens for Droessler once the class is over?

"I'm going to try to keep up with my writing," said Droessler. "If I can do that and enjoy it, I'll continue writing and blogging for as long as I can."