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The University of Northern Iowa is entering the final stages of NCAA Athletics Certification Sept. 27-29 when a four-person peer review committee will be on campus. The peer review committee will meet with a cross section of members of the UNI campus over the three-day period. Below are supporting documents to the NCAA Review (all in PDF format).

Division I programs must re-certify every 10 years in a process that resembles an accreditation review for academic programs. Athletics certification is designed to ensure the NCAA's fundamental commitment to integrity in intercollegiate athletics.

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Executive Summary

UNI NCAA Certification Steering Committee
& Subcommittees Membership (XLS)

UNI Comprehensive Plan
for Improvement

UNI NCAA Self-Study document

(April 2011)

UNI Supplementary Documents

(July & September 2011)

News release about the NCAA Peer Review Team Visit to UNI

September 27-29, 2011