New Student FAQ

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Living on Campus

How do I find out about my room assignment and roommates name?

Can I get my room assignment/roommate changed?

When can I move in?

What's already provided in the rooms and what am I allowed and not allowed to bring?

What size of linens do I need?

Where are the different residence halls located on campus?

How big is my room?

How tall can my loft be?

How is safety and security on campus?

What do I do if I get homesick?

What are the policies on alcohol?


What are my meal plan options?

What are dining dollars?

How many dining dollars will I get each semester?

Where and when can I use my dining dollars?

What are the hours of the dining centers?

What's on the menu for today?

Where are the dining centers located?

Can students living off campus eat in the dining centers?

Where can I get nutrition information?


Where can I exercise?

What are the user policies for Wellness/Recreation Services facilities?

Are there intramural sports on campus?

Where do I go if I get sick?

Is there a pharmacy on campus?

Can I get health insurance through UNI?

Where can I find help in dealing with stress, improving my eating habits, quitting smoking, and improving my health habits in general?

Financial Aid/Employment

How do I apply for financial aid?

Do I have to fill out my FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) every year?

What should I do with any off-campus scholarships that I was awarded?

Should I work on campus my first year at UNI?

What should I do if I have been awarded work study?

Can I still work on campus if I did not receive work study?

How can I find a job while attending UNI?

How much is tuition each semester?


Who is my academic advisor?

Where can I find out which textbooks I need for my classes?

Are study groups or tutors available?

Where are all the computer labs located on campus?

How do you change, add, or drop a class?

What are the deadlines for changing, dropping or adding a class?

How do I search for available classes to take?

What majors can I choose from?

How do I declare my major?

What is a CLEP exam?

What if I have a disability and need accommodations?

How do I learn more about studying abroad?


Can I bring a car?

Is there enough parking on campus?

How and where can I get a parking permit?

Where should my family park when they're helping me move in?

Where should visitors park?

Where do I pay a parking ticket?

What happens if I don't pay a parking ticket?

How can I get around if I don't bring a car?


I changed my e-mail user ID. I don't know what my password is to get into my account. How can I find out what my new password is?

Why is UNI moving e-mail accounts to Gmail?

How can I access the Internet from my room?

How do I access my UNI e-mail account?

Can I buy a computer through UNI, and if so, would I get a discount?

General Questions

What is the MyUNIverse News e-newsletter?

What is MyUNI Weekend?

How do I find out what's happening on campus?

When is family weekend?

When is Homecoming?

Where do I find information on my U-Bill?

What are some on-campus activities/organizations?


Sports Clubs



Greek Life

Student Music Ensembles


What are some off-campus activities?

What are some important dates I will need to know (start of classes, holiday breaks, finals, etc.)?

Where can I buy UNI memorabilia (shirts, hats, keychains, etc.)?

Where can I find used items such as lofts, futons, books, etc.?