University of Northern Iowa  •  Instructional Technology Masters Cohort  •  2014-2016


What's this portfolio all about?

From May 2014 to May 2016, I was part of the University of Northern Iowa's online cohort for a Master of Arts in Instructional Technology.  This site shows the work I completed during that time, and how I've grown through the process.

A little about me...

Rob GreenI'm Rod Library's web developer (specializing in Drupal) at the University of Northern Iowa.  I'm responsible for the architecture, content strategy, user interface design, database integration, and security of about a dozen library sites.  On top of that, I'm heavily involved in Rod Library's public relations and organizational development efforts (strategic planning, staff development and training).  I'm also a veteran, having spent a decade on active duty with the U.S. Coast Guard as a commissioned officer on patrol ships in Alaska and as a policy & staff officer in Washington D.C.

I'm an entrepreneur and innovator at heart -- my Myers-Briggs type, ENFP, describes me perfectly!   As a creative, I started up a graphic design and production company in 2004, and ran it for seven years with a staff of five. I sold it in 2011, and transitioned to Web development as a exciting new career.   I'm fascinated by just about everything, and love sharing that enthusiasm with others.

You can see more about my background in my resume / CV.