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Faculty Senate

Current Business

2016-2017 Fiscal Year

Calendar Item Docket Number Title of the Petition Status of the Item Final Action Taken Meeting Date
1318 Consultative Session with President Mark Nook Feb 27, 2017
1317 Revisions to Curriculum Handbook - Fall 2016 Jan 23, 2017
1315 Emeritus Request for Leonard Curtis, Theatre Department; Jay Edelnant, Theatre Department; and Robert Seager, Biology Department Jan 09, 2017
1316 Diversity and Inclusion Resolution Jan 09, 2017
1312 Proposal to revise Policy 6.10, newly titled Academic Freedom, Shared Governance and Academic Responsibility Referred to EPC Nov 28, 2016
1313 Petition for Library Advisory Committee Returned to the petitioner for additional/supporting evidence or documentation Nov 28, 2016
1314 Library Faculty Response Regarding Petition for Library Advisory Committee Returned item to petitioner because of the Senate’s decision not to enter calendar item 1313 on the docket at this time. Nov 28, 2016
1304 1199 Consultative Session to Chris Cox, Dean of Library Services, and Kate Martin, Interim Associate Dean, Library Content Discovery Division Consultation completed Nov 14, 2016
1310 1205 College of Humanities, Arts and Sciences (CHAS) Curriculum Proposal 2017-2018 Motion passed Nov 14, 2016
1311 1206 College of Education Curriculum Proposal 2017-2018 Motion passed Nov 14, 2016
1305 1200 College of Social and Behavioral Sciences Curriculum Proposal 2017-2018 Motion passed Oct 24, 2016
1306 1201 College of Business Administration Curriculum Proposal 2017-2018 Motion passed Oct 24, 2016
1307 1202 Consultative Session to Lisa Baronio, Vice President of University Advancement and President of the UNI Foundation and Mark Oman, Chair of the UNI Foundation Board of Trustees (October 24th meeting) Consultation completed Oct 24, 2016
1308 1203 Emeritus requests for Sonia Yetter and Bill Stigliani Motion passed Oct 24, 2016
1303 1198 Consultative Session to David Harris, Athletics Administration, and Elaine Eshbaugh, Faculty Athletics Representative to the NCAA Consultation completed Oct 10, 2016
1309 1204 Emeritus Request for James Robinson, Philosophy & World Religions (Posthumous) Motion passed Oct 10, 2016
1300 1195 Emeritus requests for Gerald Peterson, Mary Herring, William Callahan, Phyllis Baker, and Martha Wartick Motion passed Sep 26, 2016
1302 1197 Consultative Session to Marty Mark, Chief Information Officer of IT, Melanie Abbas, Director of IT Educational Technology & Media Services, and Ben Arnold, Director of IT Client Services Consultation completed Sep 26, 2016
1301 1196 2017-18 Curriculum proposals for new majors and associated courses: BA Physics (CHAS), BAS in Technology (CHAS) and BAS in Managing Business Organizations (CBA) Motion passed Sep 12, 2016