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Student Information System

Archived Project Updates

Enrollment in history and LAC.

Category of Issue: Enrollment

Issue name: Enrollment in history and LAC.

Issue resolution status: Completed

Due date: Already in place.


Issue description:

Classes in History were confused with LAC classes, so students looking for Non-Western Civ-Africa were enrolled in upper division Modern African History. Organization and explanations on system inadequate for students to make choices or find appropriate classes.


Lack of college-level reports.

Category of Issue: Reporting

Issue name: Lack of college-level reports.

Issue resolution status: Resolved - In progress

Due date: Ongoing


Issue description:

At the college level, we struggle to generate the data at a college level (can't search classes or classrooms at a department level or a college level, right now it's more individual class based -- which makes it INCREDIBLY time consuming for us to pull together the data we need for decisions).