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Student Information System

February 19, 2010

The set up of the new student/campus information system is well underway. We are looking forward to the capabilities that the Campus Solutions system provides in the area of Degree Audit: live, on-line academic advisement reports that are dynamically generated; live links from the advisement report to course information in the on-line catalog and schedule of classes; requirements on the online audit that can be expanded or reduced for the information desired.

In preparation, the Academic Advisement (Degree Audit) set up team have been creating configuration plans for each major and minors for the new system. These include both undergraduate and graduate curriculum. These configuration documents are an outline of how we will program these majors and minors (called "plans" in the new system) in to the auditing part of the new system. This is phase I of Academic Advisement set up.

As configuration plan documents are created, they will be sent to departments for review, editing and sign-off. These Phase I activities in Academic Advisement will take place over then next few months.

During phase II of Academic Advisement set up configurations will be used to set up requirements for audits in the campus solutions system and departments will be able to test the academic advisement reports. This process will afford many opportunities for departments to become familiar with the new system and features well before the actual go-live date in Spring 2011.

For questions or comments about any of the other aspects of the project, you may use the "Submit a Comment" link on the SIS Project website. For specific issues related to Academic Advisement you may also contact me directly.

Michele Peck
Academic Advisement Functional Lead
UNI SIS Implementation Project