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Student Information System

September 04, 2009

As we start the academic year, I wanted to provide an update on the progress taking place with the implementation of the new student information system (SIS). The SIS supports the academic program by fulfilling core functional needs like course registration, grade reporting, student record keeping, application for admission, financial aid awarding, student billing, and degree auditing. Further, it stores data essential to academic advising, institutional reporting, research, completion of Board of Regents requirements and other external and internal data requests, career services, alumni relations and other functions.

Some of the highlights from the progress made this summer include:

  • Representatives from Ciber, Inc., the implementation vendor for the new student information system, were on campus to develop a project charter that will establish the foundation for the project by ensuring that all project participants share a clear understanding of the objectives and agree on how the objectives will be achieved. Key faculty and staff were involved and interviewed by Ciber consultants. The final charter will be made available through the SIS Web site soon.
  • The SIS project team and technical team have been announced and have been actively engaged in training that will start the process of moving forward into the new system.
  • The SIS project has dedicated office space in Campbell Hall. Mail can be delivered at Campbell 0475. Several members of the functional and technical teams have already made the move. The remaining team members will be making the move over the course of the fall semester.
  • The executive committee continues to meet weekly. If you have questions or recommendations that you would like the executive committee to discuss, please contact Jan Hanish at (319) 273-3526 or

One important note -- many university offices have allocated substantial resources for the implementation of the new student information system, which limits the resources available to support the current system (commonly referred to as mainframe or legacy SIS). You may continue to submit requests for changes/enhancements through the normal PAR channels, but in order to make the best use of limited resources all future requests will be reviewed by the SIS Executive Steering Committee. Only the most critical requests, including those required to remain in compliance with federal, state and Board of Regents mandates will be approved. We ask that you bear with us during the implementation period and whenever possible delay process changes until they can be addressed within the new system.

Progress has been steady for the project yet much work is still ahead. We will keep you informed as progress continues.

Terry Hogan
Vice President for Student Affairs