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Student Information System

August 22, 2011

For Department Heads: SIS update #14

Faculty Center workshops, presentations available
Faculty now have access to Faculty Center via My Universe, Academics tab.  The functions that are now available are: Teaching Schedule, Textbook Summary, Class Roster, Wait List, Email Notification from the Class Roster and Search (Schedule of Classes and Course Catalog). There are three options for faculty who want assistance with the new system:  attend a one-hour workshop, use online resources, and invite the project trainer to a department meeting for an brief presentation.  Information about the first two options will be communicated directly to all faculty members.

1.  One-hour workshops on use of the Faculty Center are available to all current faculty on August 15, 16 and 19.  To register, click here.  These show faculty how to access Faculty Center and use each of the available features and to ask any questions.  A demonstration will be provided for all new faculty during their orientation (planned by the Provost's Office) on August 17th.

2.  Online learning resources for Faculty Center can be found on the SIS web site which is here.  Once at the site, go to  Learning SIS in right hand column and select Online Self-Help > Faculty Center Help

3.  Department heads can contact project trainer Rachel Jones to schedule a presentation at a department meeting.  She can tailor the presentation to the amount of time you have available, but minimum would be 20 minutes.  Thirty minutes would probably be best and, in any case, Rachel will stay as long as needed to answer questions.  You can contact her at or 273-4713.

Advising Coordinator workshops set
Advising Coordinators have been invited (by email from Rachel Jones and Michele Peck) to attend an instructor-led hands-on one hour workshop where they will learn how to run an academic advisement report (formerly known as degree audit) in the new SIS.  These workshops are July 26 (graduate student focus), 27 and 29 and August 3.  The Record Analysts continue to work on adding exceptions and finalizing the report.  Participants will also have a chance to access their Advisor Center and explore the available features. 
Registration for these sessions is hereAdditional sessions will be held for general advisors prior to fall semester.

Conversion of student records to conclude August 7
Beginning Thursday, August 4, all remaining records in the legacy system will be transferred to the new SIS and this conversion will be completed by August 7. 
After August 7, some data for current students will need to be dually maintained in both the legacy system and the new system until final Summer 2011 reports are run from the legacy system.  After final Summer 2011 reports are run on September 1, all updating must occur only in the new system.  A detailed list of transaction codes and corresponding new SIS screens will be provided to all users to ensure they have the necessary access to make changes in the new system.

Thanks for your continued support and good work.