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Student Information System

August 22, 2011

For Department Heads: SIS update #16

This will be the first academic term wherein faculty use the new SIS.  Here is information on support available to faculty who need it:

New SIS to be covered at new faculty orientation and fall faculty workshop
SIS project trainer Rachel Jones will present at the new faculty orientation on August 17, 11:15 to 11:45 am at the CME and at the fall faculty workshop on August 18, 11:30 to 11:45 am at the Maucker Union Ballroom.

Faculty tutorial now available
A 12-minute online tutorial on the new SIS Faculty Center is now available for faculty use.  In this tutorial, project trainer Rachel Jones talks the viewer through the process of using Faculty Center while showing the screens as they would look from a user's perspective.  It covers where to find the Faculty Center, how to get into it, and how to view teaching schedule, textbook summary, exam schedule, class rosters, grade rosters and schedule of classes search.  It also covers how to download rosters to Excel for those who want to.  You or your faculty can access the tutorial here

Online resource available for Faculty Center
Faculty Center Help includes quick reference guides and up-to-date FAQ for faculty.

Face-to-face workshop scheduled for Faculty Center   
The final in a series of face-to-face workshops on use of the new Faculty Center is scheduled for Friday, August 19, 9-10 am at ITTC 138.  Interested faculty can sign up here.

Project staff available for department presentations
Department heads can contact project trainer Rachel Jones to schedule a presentation at a department meeting.  She can tailor the presentation to the amount of time you have available, but minimum would be 20 minutes.  Thirty minutes would probably be best and, in any case, Rachel will stay as long as needed to answer questions.  You can contact her at or 273-4713.

Training sessions scheduled for use of Advisement Report (formerly Degree Audit)
A series of one-hour sessions on how to use the Advisement Report have been created for faculty and staff who serve as academic advisors.  The Academic Advisement Report replaces the Degree Audit.  Schedule and sign up is here.

Happy fall semester!