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Student Information System

August 23, 2011

For Department Heads:  SIS update #18

Here is the latest update on the Student Information System (SIS) implementation.  Please feel free to pass on to others who might make use of it:

Advisement Reports now available to students
The online Advisement Reports (formerly known as the Degree Audit and Advisement Report / Graduate Program of Study) are now available to students in Student Center.  These resources on how to access the report are available to students (and to you, if you choose to check them out):

Viewing my Advisement Report - In this 2-minute tutorial, project trainer Rachel Jones talks the viewer through the process of accessing and using the Advisement Report through Student Center while showing the screens as they would look from a user's perspective.

Viewing my Advisement Report Step-by-Step Instructions - This 2-page document includes screen shots and explicit instructions.

Tips on using Faculty Center
Based on initial feedback from faculty on their use of Faculty Center, here are four important tips:

1.  Class rosters - To view the roster for a specific class, you must click the class roster icon next to the class while in the My Schedule tab. 

2.  "Not Authorized" message - This message does not always mean you do not have access. This message also displays if the user has “timed out.”  To remedy this, close all My Universe windows and re-open.  If the problem persists, you should clear your cache.  In Mozilla Firefox and MS Internet Explorer, you clear the cache by pressing CONTROL + SHIFT + DELETE on the keyboard (at the same time).  You can do this while in My Universe.  In Safari, click on Safari menu in tool bar (top left) and select "clear cache."

3.  No classes displaying - Classes display only if the faculty member is listed as an instructor in the schedule of classes.  If the faculty member is new, the PAF must be completed before they can be added as an instructor.

4.  Printing class rosters or schedules - If you are using Mozilla Firefox, you must right-click the roster or schedule, select “This Frame” and then select “Print Frame.”

Face-to-face training opportunities continue
Project trainer Rachel Jones is continuing to provide face-to-face training opportunities for faculty and staff.  Currently on the schedule are "Advisement Report for Advisors" and "Campus Solutions Basics" (Campus Solutions is the brand name of our student information system software).  Complete information and sign up are here.

Thanks for your patience and good work through the opening of the fall term.  We are off and running!